June 17, 2017: David Minasian and director Quentin Tarantino were the guests of The Moody Blues at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles where the band performed with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra in celebration of the 50th Anniversay of their groundbreaking album Days of Future Passed.

June 14, 2017: Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues appeared today in a sold out performance at the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles. The acoustic concert and interview, hosted by Grammy Museum director Scott Goldman, coincided with the announcement of The Wind of Heaven, a joint composition between Hayward and Minasian, being officially submitted for Grammy consideration.

Mar. 25, 2017: The Wind of Heaven producers David Minasian and Trinity Houston were the personal guests of Sir Elton John at his 70th Birthday Celebration held in Hollywood. Other guests included David Foster (pictured), Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Joni Mitchell, Katy Perry, Rob Lowe, Neil Patrick Harris, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Ryan Phillippe, James Cordon, Jeffrey Katzanberg and Elton John's lyricist Bernie Taupin.

Feb. 26, 2017: The Wind of Heaven motion picture production team were guests of Sir Elton John at his 25th Anniversary Oscar Viewing Party. to read about the producers appearing at the event. to watch a "white carpet" interview with the producers of the film.

Jan. 7, 2017: The 2017 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema played host today to a standing room only screening of the Wind of Heaven music video as part of their opening weekend festivities. to read about the event.

Dec. 23, 2016: Billboard magazine mentioned The Wind of Heaven on their front page today as part of an interview with Justin Hayward regardinging the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. to read the article.

Dec. 16, 2016: Camel Productions announced the pre-release today of their new DVD Ichigo Ichie - Camel Live in Japan, which was filmed in Tokyo last May by producer/director David Minasian and his team. to purchase the DVD.

Dec. 1, 2016: Justin Hayward has chosen to name his upcoming US tour after The Wind of Heaven, the song he co-wrote with David Minasian.
to view a promo video for The Wind of Heaven Tour.
to read ABC's News coverage of the tour.

Oct. 16, 2016: Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues has conducted a series of interviews while on tour in the UK discussing his collaboration with David Minasian on The Wind of Heaven and the Live In Concert at the Capitol Theatre DVD. Meanwhile, the Capitol Theatre DVD continues to climb the charts and has now reached the #5 position on Amazon's Best Selling New Release list.
to read an in-depth interview with Justin where he discusses working with David.
for a review of David's work on the Capitol Theatre DVD.
for an AXS TV review of the Capitol Theatre DVD.
the read a review of Justinís All the Way CD which includes The Wind of Heaven.
for a press release regarding The Wind of Heaven.
to hear Justin discuss his collaboration with David on The Wind of Heaven.
to listen to Justin talk about working with David in an interview on XKR radio.

Oct. 15, 2016: To coincide with the start of Moody Blues guitarist Justin Hayward's UK solo tour, Eagle Rock/Universal has released a career retrospective compilation titled All the Way, which features the Hayward/Minasian composition The Wind of Heaven on CD for the first time. It is available in both single disc and double disc versions.

Oct. 14, 2016: Ultimate Classic Rock in association with Eagle Rock/Universal has released the Wind of Heaven music video worldwide. The song, co-written by David Minasian and Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues, is the theme to an upcoming major motion picture being produced by David. to read the article and watch the video.

May 20, 2016: David and his crew traveled to Tokyo, Japan this week to reunite with old friends Andrew Latimer, Colin Bass, and Denis Clement of Camel. Also on hand to join in the festivities was guitarist Steve Hackett of Genesis.

May 11, 2016: The first stop on Justin Hayward's extensive US solo tour took place at the famed Flying Monkey Performance Center in Plymouth, NH. David together with the other producers of The Wind of Heaven music video and upcoming theatrical film were there to witness Justin's first ever live performance of the new Minasian/Hayward collaboration. It was a moving experience that brought tears of joy to many in the audience.
to read about The Wind of Heaven's first live performance.
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to discover the impact The Wind of Heaven is having on audiences.
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May 9, 2016: The Wind of Heaven music video featuring Justin Hayward and David Minasian had its world premiere tonight at the Kendall Theater near Boston with both men in attendance. The epic new video along with excerpts from Justin's new DVD, Live In Concert at the Capitol Theatre, each directed and produced by David, were shown on the big screen before an enthusiastic group of fans gathered from around the country. An hour long Q&A session hosted by longtime Moody Blues associate Sal Cirrincione followed. The entire event was broadcast live on the internet for the benefit of those unable to be there in person. Each attendee received a copy of the Capitol Theatre DVD. It will be available for sale during Justin's upcoming US solo tour and then distributed internationally beginning in October.
to read about the unveiling of The Wind of Heaven.
for ABC's news coverage of the Boston premiere.
to learn more about the Boston event.
to listen to an iheart radio interview where Justin discusses working with David.

Feb. 24, 2016: Composer and Video Producer/Director David Minasian has collaborated with Moody Blues singer/guitarist Justin Hayward once again, this time co-writing and recording a brand new song called The Wind of Heaven, which is the title theme for an upcoming major motion picture being produced by David. A day before the Moody Blues Cruise was to set sail, David and his team traveled to Nasville to film Justin for the song's music video. A theatrical premiere of the music video is scheduled to take place just prior to the start of Justin's US solo tour in May.

Jan 10, 2016: The Story Behind Nights In White Satin, a film by Producer/Director David Minasian featuring Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues, was voted Best Documentary (Featurette/Short) by The Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema. for further information.

Dec 10, 2015: David Minasian's film The Story Behind Nights In White Satin featuring Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues has been nominated by The Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema as Best Documentary. The awards ceremony is January 10, 2016 and we're keeping our fingers crossed...
for more information.

Jan. 15, 2015: Producer/Director David Minasian has completed work on two new DVDs featuring Moody Blues frontman Justin Hayward. Watching and Waiting is an extraordinary new concert DVD filmed in 2014 that also features guitarist Mike Dawes and keyboardist/vocalist Julie Ragins. The Story Behind Nights In White Satin is a new documentary which chronicles the origin of one of the most beloved songs of the rock era. Both DVDs will be made available through the PBS network beginning in March as part of their spring pledge drive.

Nov. 1, 2014: Two months after the release of Spirits... Live, Producer/Director David Minasian and his crew found themselves in Florida recording a new live performance of Justin Hayward, lead singer, composer and guitarist for The Moody Blues. Justin had wanted to change the setlist from the previous tour and added a number of new songs including the classic Moody Blues track You Can Never Go Home from 1970's Every Good Boy Deserves Favour LP, at David's suggestion, which marked the first time this song had ever been performed live. The resulting DVD, titled Watching & Waiting, contains 8 songs not on the Spirits... Live DVD and will be made available come spring exclusively through the PBS network.

Sept. 1, 2014: Justin Hayward's Spirits... Live, a new DVD produced and directed by David Minasian, entered Billboard's music video charts this week at the #2 position, ahead of artists such as Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Elton John and The Eagles.

Aug. 19, 2014: To mark the release of his solo DVD Sprits... Live, Justin Hayward has conducted a series of interviews where he talks about working on the project with director David Minasian.
to learn about Justin's thoughts on filming in Atlanta.
to read an early review of the DVD from the Cleveland Examiner.
to hear Justin discussing the Spirits... Live DVD.
to listen to Justin discussing David's work on the DVD.
to hear an in depth CBS radio interview with Justin.

June 7, 2014: Eagle Rock/Universal Entertainment will be releasing the new Justin Hayward concert DVD titled Spirits... Live on August 19, 2014. The DVD, which is also available in Blu-ray, was produced and directed by David Minasian and was filmed at Atlanta's Buckhead Theatre. It features a stunning performance by the Moody Blues frontman backed by keyboardist Alan Hewitt, vocalist Julie Ragins and guitarist Mike Dawes. In addition to a number of selections from Justin's latest solo album Spirits of the Western Sky, the setlist includes a handful of rarely performed tracks such as It's Up To You, Land of Make Believe, New Horizons and Forever Autumn along with re-worked versions of the Moody Blues classics Tuesday Afternoon, Your Wildest Dreams, Question, and of course Nights in White Satin.

Apr. 1, 2014: Producer/Director David Minasian has now completed his work on Justin Hayward's new solo DVD. An announcement regarding a release date is expected soon.

Mar. 3, 2014: To coincide with the start of their European tour, Camel have released a brand new DVD titled In From The Cold - a live concert recording which was filmed at London's famed Barbican Theatre. Co-directed by David Minasian, this marks the 8th Camel Productions DVD David has lent his talents to. For more information  .

Aug. 26, 2013: The final stop on Justin Haywardís whirlwind solo tour was captured on hi-def video by David Minasian and his crew in Atlanta on August 17 for DVD release. Those in attendance will readily verify that it was an incredible show indeed. As producer/director, David is now immersed in the editing process and has therefore placed the recording of the follow up to Random Acts of Beauty on temporary hiatus. Sessions on Davidís album however should resume as soon as post production work on the Moody Blues frontmanís DVD is complete.

Aug. 6, 2013: After much delay, work has finally commenced on the follow up to 2010ís Random Acts of Beauty. Recording began in June, four years to the day since the first notes of Masquerade were laid down. A couple of very special guests have indicated their desire to participate in the recording of the new album. David has also been asked to produce and direct a new concert DVD for a legendary member of the music industry. Details regarding the progress of both projects will be forthcoming over the next few months. For more information, check out Newsletter #4 on Davidís blog or facebook page. The final portion of 2013 should be exciting. Stay tunedÖ

Sept. 9, 2011: A vintage music video featuring David has been uploaded to the website on the 'music' page. It's a promotional video for the song It's Driving Me Crazy, the intended single from David's album Tales of Heroes and Lovers. The video, first broadcast on MTV in early 1984, is at once hilarious, clever, goofy, and weird. Watch at your own risk! Speaking of vintage music, David will be giving away a free download of a vintage track recorded during the 1980's to those who sign up to his mailing list prior to October 1st. If you haven't signed up already, go to the 'home' page and do it today. Also, don't forget to check out the 'gallery' and 'bio' pages which are in the process of being updated with lots of new and old photos.

July 1, 2011: There's a brand new interview with David in the July 2011 edition of This Is Rock Magazine which features AC/DC on the cover. You can to read an English translation of the article. In addition, writing sessions are scheduled to begin shortly for the follow up to Random Acts of Beauty.

Mar. 15, 2011: A great new review of Random Acts of Beauty can be found in the March 2011 edition of This Is Rock Magazine. Keep a look out for an interview with David Minasian to be featured in an upcoming issue. Meanwhile, the long awaited results of 2010's annual Dutch Progressive Rock Poll have finally been released. Random Acts of Beauty was voted the #29 Best Album of 2010 while Masquerade reached the #13 position for Best Song of 2010. Justin Minasian was voted the #16 Best Guitarist of 2010 while David grabbed the #17 position for Best Keyboardist of 2010 (tied with Rick Wakeman, Geoff Downes, and Nick Magnus no less!). Camel's Andy Latimer was voted the #11 Best Guitarist as a result of his contribution to Masquerade while Camel's Opening Farewell DVD (which was produced by David) made the top 10. Also from the Netherlands, Random Acts of Beauty was selected as the #8 favorite album of 2010 in SymfoCity's Rock Radio ProgPoll, while Poland's Haunted Studio Radio likewise selected Random Acts as the #8 best album of 2010.

Mar. 1, 2011: David appears on the cover of the latest issue of Terra Incognita Magazine, a French language progressive rock publication. Inside is an interview and a review of the album as well as a list of David's favorite albums of all time. to read an English translation of the article. In other news, Random Acts of Beauty was able to break through the top ten in Japan by reaching the #9 position this week on Amazon's Progressive Rock best seller's list.

Feb. 2, 2011: David will be conducting a Live Chat/Listening Party on Sunday February 13 at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific time. Norda Mullen, flute player with the Moody Blues, has graciously offered the use of her chatroom for the night. You'll have to have your own copy of Random Acts of Beauty available to play for yourself while everyone chats. This will be a great opportunity to ask questions and talk with David. Just go to Norda's chatroom at  http://nordamullen.yuku.com/directory a few minutes early. You'll need a Yuku account to be able to log in, which is free and easy to do at the website. Many thanks to Gary P. for setting this all up. See you there!

Jan. 15, 2011: Random Acts of Beauty continues to make a number of 'Best of 2010' lists around the world including being chosen as the #8 Most Popular Album of 2010 by MLWZ Radio in Poland. In addition, the album recently cracked the top 100 in Canada by reaching #90 on Amazon's best selling albums list. The January issue of Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine which features Genesis on the cover has a rather favorable review of the album. If you're interested, this high quality progressive rock magazine can be purchased here in the United States throughout the month of January at most Borders or Barnes & Noble bookstores.

Dec. 31, 2010: Your amazing reactions to the album Random Acts of Beauty have certainly made 2010 a memorable year. The song Masquerade which features a guest appearance by Andrew Latimer of Camel was voted the #6 Best Extended Length Track of 2010 by listeners of ARfm Radio in the UK, and it was also chosen as the #9 Best Song of 2010 by Delicious Agony Radio out of New York. In addition, contributors to Prog Archives voted Random Acts of Beauty into the top 15 for the Best Overall Album of 2010 (it also came in at the #2 position for Best U.S. Album and the #2 position for Best Symphonic Prog Album). Sea of Tranquility's Alex Torres meanwhile placed the album at the #6 spot on his Best of 2010 list. As some of you may have noticed, Amazon.com has had trouble keeping the album in stock, which may not be such a bad problem to have. What does 2011 hold? You can look for the website to be updated soon with lots of photos under the 'gallery' link along with one or two old music videos as well. And if all goes according to plan, there should hopefully be some new recordings released before the end of the year. Best wishes to all for a great 2011.

Dec. 30, 2010: Random Acts of Beauty has been nominated for a Prog Award in the 'Best Foreign Album of 2010' category by Italy's Progressive Rock Web World Awards.

Dec. 15, 2010: The December 2010 issue of Big Bang Magazine, a French progressive rock publication which was first to release information about Random Acts of Beauty while it was still in production back in April 2010, features David Minasian on the cover (look at the top) and includes an in depth story and interview with him. to read an English translation.

Nov. 7, 2010: A new video for Random Acts of Beauty featuring extended clips from the album has been uploaded to YouTube.  to watch. Also, downloads of the album are now available on itunes and at Amazon, and don't forget to check the updated 'press', 'reviews', and 'shop' pages.

Oct. 5, 2010: Random Acts of Beauty by David Minasian has now been released worldwide by ProgRock Records. The CD can be found at numerous major retail outlets all over the world including Amazon and Best Buy. Since its download debut 9 weeks ago, the album has held onto the #1 slot as the best selling download at Mindawn.com. In fact, in an unprecedented feat during the first week of October, Random Acts of Beauty not only held both the number one and number two positions as best selling album (for flac and ogg formats), but all seven of its tracks simultaneously filled the top seven spots for the best selling individual tracks. You can to view a snapshot of the website. Both David and Justin are truly thankful for the wonderful response the album has received. The 'reviews' and 'shop' links have been updated, and don't miss the new Prog Archives interview from David under the 'press' section. A new promo video for the album is scheduled to show up soon on YouTube.

Sept. 6, 2010: Camel Productions announced today that pre-orders for The Opening Farewell, a DVD produced and directed by David Minasian featuring Camel live in concert, are now being taken.  to check out this stunning new DVD over at the CamelProductions.com website. For five consecutive weeks now, Random Acts of Beauty has held onto the #1 position as the best selling album download over at Mindawn.com. As excellent reviews continue to come in, retail sites such as Amazon and itunes prepare for the album's worldwide release scheduled for October 5th.

Aug. 20, 2010: David was recently interviewed by Don Cassidy of Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio where together they discussed the making of the album Random Acts of Beauty among other things.  to listen to the entire 45 minute interview. Then click on the word 'interviews' on the left side of the page, then click the word 'listen' next to David's name. Meanwhile, CD's of the album have begun to ship. Those who ordered them through ProgRock Records should be receiving their signed copies shortly if they haven't already. In addition, Random Acts of Beauty has been holding fast to the #1 position as the best selling album download on Mindawn.com ever since its release three weeks ago while Masquerade has held onto the #1 position as best selling individual track. David wishes to extend his thanks to those who have purchased downloads through Mindawn.

Aug. 1, 2010: Downloads of David's new album Random Acts of Beauty are now available from Mindawn. Four tracks from the album will receive their world broadcast premier on Shane Carlson's UK radio program "Rock On" which can be found at ARfm.co.uk. The show will play on Sunday August 8th at 1pm UK time (8am US Eastern, 5am US Pacific), and will be repeated on Tuesday August 10 at 8pm UK time (3pm US Eastern, noon US Pacific), Thursday August 12 at 2pm UK time (9am US Eastern, 6am US Pacific), and Friday morning August 13 at 9am UK time (4am US Eastern, 1am US Pacific).

July 20, 2010: The new album Random Acts of Beauty by David Minasian has been completed and is available for pre-order from ProgRock Records right now. The CD has a street date release of October 5, 2010 and that is when it will be available in record stores, at Amazon, itunes, and all the usual places around the world. However, those wishing to get copies right away can pre-order them directly from ProgRock Records beginning today. These pre-ordered CD's will be shipped out by the second week of August, which means you'll be able to get them nearly two months ahead of the official release date. Not only that, you will also get a $2 discount (for a limited time)... and the first 100 orders made through ProgRock will receive a copy that has been signed by David and Justin. The DavidMinasian.com website will not be selling CD's or downloads directly, however a list of places where the CD can be purchased can be found under the 'shop' link. This list will be continually updated in the weeks ahead. The first newsletter from David Minasian Music also went out today. If you're not on the mailing list and you missed it, it can be found on David's blog or on Facebook and MySpace.

June 25, 2010: ProgRock Records have signed David Minasian to a recording contract and are preparing to release his new album Random Acts of Beauty worldwide very soon. An official announcement from ProgRock Records president Shawn Gordon regarding a specific release date is expected in mid July. Talented fantasy artist Michael Leadingham has completed his stunning artwork for David's CD and it has been uploaded to the website. Last minute overdubs and remixes are still going on and will continue right up until the date of mastering.

June 3, 2010: Some of you may have noticed that the website was down for a few weeks while it was given a slight overhaul. Itís back up now with a few new items including a discography section. In this section you can access Davidís Guide to Random Acts of Beauty where he gives a behind-the-scenes commentary on each of the albumís tracks. Information about a couple of songs that didnít make the album along with last minute song title changes can also be found in Davidís Guide. The posting of a brief 30 second audio clip from the track Masquerade a few weeks ago brought some lovely emails in from all over the world from those of you who were delighted to hear a preview of Andrew Latimerís gorgeous guitar leads from that song. The recording process is now winding down with the albumís final track, an epic joint composition between David and his son Justin, nearly complete. Over the next few weeks efforts will be made to finalize worldwide distribution for the album. A release date will be announced very soon.

Apr. 23, 2010: Another busy week has produced a mix of the 12 and a half minute epic Masquerade, which features a contribution from Camelís Andrew Latimer. It will appear as the lead off track on Davidís forthcoming album Random Acts of Beauty. A few brief audio clips can be found at the Ďmusicí link not only on this website but also over at ĎDavid Minasian Musicí on MySpace and Facebook. News about the project is starting to spread across the net with items appearing in a number of places including the French Progressive Rock publication Big Bang. Check out the Ďpressí link for more info. Weíve also added a mailing list to the website (on the Ďhomeí page) where you can sign up and get the latest news delivered directly to you.

Apr. 4, 2010: Heading down the homestretch, it now appears that the album will be finished in June (hopefully). A lot more sound clips have been added to the site. And if you have some time, head on over to ĎDavid Minasian Musicí on Facebook, become a friend and join in the fun.

Feb. 15, 2010: DavidMinasian.com, the official website of David Minasian Music is finally here! Under the Ďmusicí link youíll find a few sound samples from the new album Random Acts of Beauty. Of course more will follow in the days ahead. Also still to come are behind-the-scenes stories & photos and some rather "entertaining" videos from the past. And if you have any questions, go ahead and email them to davidminasianmusic@gmail.com and David himself will post his answers under the Q&A link. Look for ĎDavid Minasian Musicí at MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter in the near future and donít forget to check the blog for regular updates on the albumís progress.

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